What Modi Govt has achieved so far ?

There has been a lot of talk about the performance of Modi Govt in last 4.5 years. Expectations were very high from Modi after he got elected in 2014 with humongous majority.It was after 30 long years that a party was elected with clear majority. Modi promised a lot, but has he lived up to the expectations of the people ? Here is the insight of Modi’s achievement as Prime Minister.

Corruption free government – Modi promised a corruption free Govt and he kept his promise since there has been no major corruption charges on the government so far. Although opposition raised the issue of Rafale but the apex court quashed their appeal.

100% electrification – India has achieved 100% electrification under Modi regime. According to a government report, 15 states have 100% household electrification now.

One Nation One Tax – Modi has made it possible for India to have one tax for entire nation by bringing GST. This has simplified Tax system of the country and it is surely the biggest achievement of Modi govt so far.

Defence deals –Modi Govt has done a lot for defence sector, right from getting a 5th generation fighter jet like Rafale to singing 5 billion dollar worth Missile Defence system, S-400, with Russia. Modi govt did everything to upgrade India’s defence technology.

Reservation for economic weaker section – Modi govt gave 10% reservations for economically weaker sections of general category. This was the first time a govt has thought about General class.

Increase in taxpayers – The number of salaried taxpayers increased 42% to 3 crore in last 4 years. This number increased a lot after demonetization.

Better road networks – Over the last few years, under the NDA government, construction of national highways has steadily increased. Until May 2014, the construction rate of highways stood at 11.67 km perday  now it got up to 26.9 km per day.

LPG connections for poor – Modi govt has given free LPG connections to the poor under Ujjwala Yojna. More than 6 crore new connections were given under this successful scheme of Modi govt.

Construction of toilets –India was the country known for open urination and unhygienic streets but the Modi govt has broke this myth now. Lakhs of toilets were constructed in last 5 years and the swacch bharat abhiyan made it possible to clean the dirtiest streets of India. And in future, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s $20 billion “Clean India” mission aims to construct 111 million latrines in next five years.

Other achievements – apart from all these things, Modi govt has launched many schemes to development the basic structure of the country such as Start up India for encouragement of start ups, Skill India for giving technical education to the youth, Digital India for increasing use of digital platform for payments and thus making transactions more transparent.

Thus we can say that Modi govt has lived up to the expectations of the people. Right from employment generation through Skill India and Start up India to giving free LPG connection under ujjwala yojna, Modi has done it all.

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