South African President Ramaphosa accepts PM Modi’s invitation after Trump rejected It

New Delhi: Lok Sabha Election is going to be held in 2019 and, all the political parties have already started their agendas to win the race. BJP and Congress are the two main parties who will be fighting neck-to neck to get the seat of Prime Minister. Narendra Modi is right now holding the position and leaving no stone unturned to get the position again.

He has made finest strategy and everyday he is using his dice to win the game of seat. Recently, Modi has sent invitation to South Africa President, Cyril Ramaphosa. And, the great news comes when, Ramaphosa accepted the invitation. Well, it is just to be the chief guest for India’s Republic Day celebrations in 2019. He will be 26 Jan 2019 chief guest. Before this, Modi has also invited the President of US Donald Trump to mark his presence at the Indian Republic Day parade. But, Trump has rejected the invitation of scheduling constraints.

This news comes after the statement of the White House and it is said, “President Trump was honoured by Prime Minister Modi’s invitation for him to be Chief Guest of India’s Republic Day on January 26, 2019, but he is unable to participate due to scheduling constraints.”

The relationship between the Republic of India and the Republic of South Africa is bilateral and it is growing strong. Further, the relationship between both the countries is more on cultural terms, strategic and economical terms as both the nations are the former British colonies. As well as, they are the full member states of the Commonwealth Nations as Commonwealth republics. India and South Africa likewise share a broad vitality association. India has imported 1.4 million tons of South African coal in February, 2010. It is the biggest buyer of the coal from this country. Meanwhile, It’s Ties were additionally hardened with South Africa’s 2011 acknowledgment into the BRICS gathering.

Well, after becoming the Prime Minister of India, Modi has travelled to many countries and has cracked some important deals as well as he invited Barack Obama to India. Obama was the first American president to attend the Republic Day parade in 2015.

Furthermore, Ramaphosa is a staunch follower of Bapu or Mahatma Gandhi. Modi and he had met at the BRICS Summit in Johannisberg, South Africa last year. Another reason of his visit is said to be that Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary and he will mark his presence to grace the celebrations.

Apart from that, Modi can do some important deals with him while he visits India. The invitation of Modi will escalate the cordial relationship between both the countries. This is said to be the biggest strategy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Lok Sabha Election 2019.Well, no other strategy of the BJP or Modi government has been out but, it is sure that the Prime Minister will build many more to win the power for the next five years in the coming Lok Sabha Election.