With the arrival of the latest men’s wear collections, it has become tough for the wallet and wardrobe of an individual to play a catch-up match with them. Fortunately, the new arrival would see the biggest trends of 2018 to switch over to 2019. We have caught up with some of our insiders who had provided a glimpse of the new and latest men’s trends which would revolutionize the men’s apparel industry and create a sensation among fashion lovers!
In recent years, the looser cuts and more relaxed shapes have paved their ways in the stores. This funky style of dressing has intruded every part of wearing which ranges from coats, hoodies to suits and shoes. Nevertheless, this cool trend is more suitable below the waist in the form of jeans and trousers. The good news about this trend is that it is going to stay for another one year as per our experts.
How to Wear Them
The coolest way to enter this stylish world is via denim which would be a good step towards smarter look. So go for such trousers and reenergize yourself with this cool trend!

Over the past couple of season, one of the biggest riser from ashes just like Phoenix in the men’s wear is skatewear. Many brands such as DC and Airwalk have resurrected themselves and other brands such as Stussy and Palace have continued to reign their supremacy by presenting tie-dye and cross-body bags which has picked up a huge pace.
How to Wear Them
Keys to look adorable is having wide-leg chinos, canvas belts and logo tees which also depends on your attitude to wear it as per your comfort. So let your belt to hang, use hoodie in layered format and ignore the abrasive behavior of your trainer with defiance!
The 1970s
Although this trend has survived numerous onslaught for many years, still no one has been able to through this still out of the men’s fashion. It has stayed alive in one form or other and has now has arrived with a boom in the wardrobe of fashion loving men. It comes in the form of retro trainers, silk shirts, roll necks, and patterned knitwear and even after half-century; it has been waiting to reach its zenith.
How to wear it
Many experts believe that this trend never went out of style and has been staple apparel for men for years to come. It has reinvented itself by coming in fine to medium gauge version by abandoning the heavy pattern. So it has been advised that to look a cool dude, try to wear it on high-waist trouser to have a retro yet modern look!

A stylish navy suit which has been the heart of all the men’s wardrobe since the arrival of fashion trends. Yet it has become unstylish in recent years due to courageous demand of the men. For the past 12 months, it has reshuffle itself and comes in Technicolor to look more thrilled.
How to wear it
To look updated in this season, it is advisable to add lighter color by wearing mostly tonal outfits.
The apparel wore during sports, military and work have always been away from practical purpose. In the year 2019, the designers have painstakingly worked to produce a suit which could be worn at each purpose via sustainable and performance fabrics.
How to wear it
These trend has become popular among fitness freak people who wear it in the form of a multi-pocket jacket with tonal trousers/ simple neck T-shirts.