This is a sacred place where the wishes of each and every devotee thronging to Deba Maa temple is fulfilled. The history of the temple is an interesting one. The temple is situated at 2420 meter above sea level. The incarnation of Goddess Deba took place here when this Patti was attached by Gurkhas. Goddess Deba first appeared in the dream of the temple priest and told him about her exact location. After finding her statue, the priest established them here only. However, in older times, it was not possible to arrive at the temple as the route was not straightforward. And the disciples have to follow the zig-zag path to reach the temple. Even today, the place where the statue has been established has a cave nearby which has now been entirely covered. During that time, when the Goddess was clearly visible at that place; a servant also resides with her and use to inform people about the arrival of Gurkhas at this place. No one was able to detect her but she was capable to see everyone from here. Even today, if you arrive here and see; you could find out that you could view from here to a longer distance but no one could have vigil here from remote places.

At that time, Gurkhas would either cut the people alive or beat them mercilessly. Only Goddess would protect the people and at last, she killed off all the Gurkhas and thus freed the villages of Patti Khatli and Gijru from them. After this whenever the Goddess inform the people about the arrival of Gurkhas at their village; a stone was kept there. This stone when rotated to any place; would see rainfall at that place. Therefore this place came to be known as “Dhavada (calling someone)” in the local language.

According to the belief of Deba Temple, it is compulsory for the devotees to climb the temple at night and arrive at the temple before sunrise. It is considered to be very auspicious to have a view of the sunrise from the temple. Another important fact is that if a traveler is untouched (loss of a family member or birth of a child) and is still have not gone through the process of purification; then they would not be able to reach the temple even if they have done the countless effort. Also, a child or old person do not face any problem in climbing.

It has been said that many people have witnessed seeing Goddess Deba in the form of a white-haired old lady. There is a belief that only Bhandari caste of people could cut the tree around the premises of the temple. If any other people cut the trees, the trees would start bleeding.

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